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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

With the CV database DACCSW offers the member companies access to search between potential candidates looking for job opportunities in the South Western part of USA. The candidates are all members of DACCSW and therefore have a connection to the Danish community.

As an individual member of DACCSW you can post your CV in the database and offer your skills and work ability to the member companies in the South Western part of USA.

The candidates constitute a broad range of competencies and experiences. Many of them are Danish, have had a career in Denmark, know about Danish industries and businesses, and are interested in working flexible hours on projects or on consultancy basics in the Danish companies. The majority of the candidates is already located in the region and has a working permit in place. Details will be provided in the CV.

The CV database is a unique tool for member companies looking for staff and individual members looking for employment.

If you would like to get your CV in the database please use this template and email it to the contacts below.

If you would like to hear more about the database please contact:

Tine Rau Schi√łtt at +1 713-264-2285 or [email protected] or

Anna-Louise Plougmand +1 832-314-1658 or [email protected]

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