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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

Luncheon with Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen 

DACCSW-HFR-OCT-2013-027_thumb3About 75 people attended the luncheon at beautiful Skyline Ballroom featuring Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen as keynote speaker on the topic of: “Why American Companies Must Embrace America” . Fogh-Rasmussen made a strong case for  the American optimism in all aspects of life and how this undeterred belief in America and  in the ability of the individual to rise to the top creates a strong, positive business climate. Fogh-Rasmussen shared a strong belief that America will continue to be a world leader in business as well as policy for the foreseeable future. We thank Henrik for taking the trip to from Springfield to Texas, he indicated he may himself become a Texan one day!


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October 02, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Welcome back from summer social mixer 2013 

DACC and the Norwegian and Swedish Chambers of Commerce held a "Welcome back from summer social mixer" on the 17. of September. It was great to see so many familiarly and new faces in Norway House! All enjoyed the nice food and beverage, the opportunity to network and catch up after a long summer. Again, we would like to say a BIG thank you to our sponsors K&L Gates and IKEA.
More than 50  Danes attended along with the Norwegian and Swedish contingent in all app 130. KL Gates (curtsey of our very own board member Soren Lindstrom) and Ikea graciously sponsored the evening. Ikea had a great spread of food and the Danes supplied Carlsberg.
Thank you Soren! Both companies gave a brief presentation of their companies and were met with great applause.
Seen in the crowd: Lars Johansen, Carsten Westergaard, Mette Husted along with husband Hans, Lars Kristiansson and many more.


September 17, 2013 Categories: Social Event

The 4th Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable - TOWER Conference 2013 

On the 27. and 28. of August the 4th Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable - TOWER Conference 2013 was held in Houston.
DACC was present and so was a lot of interesting speakers and participants. On the first day of the conference, there were a lot of interesting dialogs around the difference in perspective on Wind Energy in Europe and the US, dialogs around the shortage of future labor in the industry and the environmental issues.
On the second day of the conference there were a lot of focus on the legal issues around wind energy, and highlight was the Key note from George P. Bush (and yes, they are related) - He is running for Texas Land Commissioner and started a great dialog around water shortage, education etc.
All in all it was two days full of inspiring speakers and dialog around the great opportunities for wind energy in south west.
As a follow up note, we are pleased to see - and will congratulate Vestas on their latest and biggest order since 2010;


August 28, 2013 Categories: Conference

Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between European Companies and their US Affiliates 

The cross-cultural workshop gave all nationalities some new knowledge and tools to create a soaring global workplace. A huge thank you to High Road Global Services for an inspiring workshop, a big thank you to all the participants and for their willingness to interact, discuss and share their personal experiences. Not least a huge thank you two our two sponsors Advancial and OW Bunker! 

May 23, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Danish Heritage Museum, FUN RUN 

A fun and enjoyable events for Danes, friends of the Danish community and Dannevang residents .

April 20, 2013 Categories: Cultural

DACCSW Annual Meeting 2013 

The Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest
Annual Meeting 2013 at One Park Place, Thursday April 4th 2013 was a huge success with 70+ Danes from the Danish Community enjoying the evening, the Danish food and drinks from Sorrel Urban Bistro, Odense Marcipan and Carlsberg beer.

See all the photos at DACCSW Facebook, link .

April 04, 2013 Categories: Annual Meeting


March 21- May 4, 2013 FotoFest Headquarters Gallery

Opening Reception with Artists and Special Collectors Evenings

This exhibition presents outstanding new international talent discovered by the creative directors of FotoFest at photography events around the world in 2011-2012.

For information go to

Two Scandinavian artists, Susanne Wellm (Denmark)and Nils Olav Bøe (Norway) were discovered at the well-known Odense Photo Triiennale in Odense, Denmark sponsored by the Museet FotoKunst in fall 2012.

March 21, 2013

Tax Law Luncheon 


DACC, NACC and SACC had a joint event:

Tax Law Luncheon

Learn How The New Tax Law Can Save You or Bury You!

Tuesday, March 19th 2013

Catherine Lightfoot partner in local CPA Firm EEPB gave an excellent and timely presentation of changes in the US Tax Code whilst members and guest of the DACCSW along with our Scandinavian colleagues from the Swedish American Chamber and the Norwegian American Chamber enjoyed a superb lunch. Did you know that the deduction of sales tax for purchase of a new vehicle is back in the tax code for 2013?

In the crowd: Falck-Alford Thomas Boehme, Synchro’s Hans Cederlund, Dr. Carsten Westergaard, and new member Ken Mogensen.

March 19, 2013 Categories: Luncheons
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